College Credit Plus

Wittenberg is a proud participant in the State of Ohio's College Credit Plus (CCP) program, which allows qualified high school students to take college-level courses on campus.

Wittenberg's CCP program is designed to make college courses accessible to high school students throughout the state. By taking CCP classes at Wittenberg, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside fellow undergraduate students and engage with top faculty in a variety of fields.

Admission Requirements for Wittenberg's CCP Program:

The College Credit Plus Program at Wittenberg University is open to high school students (grades 9-12). To participate in the CCP program at Wittenberg, the applicant must demonstrate readiness to take college level courses by exemplifying a combination of good student conduct, satisfactory grades in college preparatory courses, and minimum standardized test scores as determined by the State of Ohio.

Standardized test scores must be at or above the “Assessment Threshold Score” in at least one subtest of an approved assessment exam. Wittenberg accepts the ACT, SAT, and ACCUPLACER. Minimum test scores can be found here.

Students must also have a recommendation from their high school counselors as well as a recommended high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. (Note: Wittenberg classes in mathematics, science, and foreign language will require completion of an online placement test before students can register for those courses.)

How to Apply

Click here to apply online. Students should notify their high school of the intentions to participate in CCP before April 1.


For public school students and private/homeschooled students approved by the state, tuition and book fees for CCP are paid by the state. For private/homeschooled students not covered by state funding, Wittenberg charges $166 per CCP credit. Wittenberg will not charge additional tuition or fees.


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